While there has been research done on the integration of refugees, asylum seekers, and migrants into the countries of reception, this research has mostly remained in the academic and policy spheres and has not often included the practitioner sphere. Most research also usually focuses on one or two country or community case studies. However, there is a need to include more countries across Europe into such a study in order to understand both the similarities and differences in policy and the tactics of practitioners, and especially youth, in the area of integration. Additionally, it is important to analyse examples of successful integration in order to identify and document innovativeness of the approach and then disseminate them in order to ensure that as many practitioners as possible have access to them.
Furthermore, the project partners will visit 2 communities identified as examples of best practice and meet with key stakeholders of the process, analyse the context, success factors and processes that led to the integration. The study visit participants will also talk to the r/as/m and ask for their input and feedback.
The participants of the study visits will produce paper and video documentation about the study visit and prepare them to be published and promoted online through the designed communication channels.
The research in this project also benefits from the opportunity to have its proposals tested through the piloting of the training modules, the results of which will feed back and enrich the research (and training) outcomes.
The research, as well as the best practice examples, along with video and audio material, will be published on the online platform which will make it accessible to everyone.