The OECD’s Network of Communication Officers on Migration (NETCOM) has launched a website dedicated to the communication of migration and integration topics. The new website will serve as a resource and provide a space for NETCOM members and others interested in migration and integration to share their experiences and good practices in communicating these subjects.

The site highlights important communications campaigns at the national and international levels, such as Portugal’s 2016 campaign What if it was me?, the Czech Republic’s 2018 campaign Let’s Talk Together (about Migration) and the International Organization for Migration’s 2017 campaign I am a Migrant. It also links to useful data and resources, including the OECD’s Indicators of Immigrant Integration and the special 2018 Eurobarometer survey on migrant integration in the EU.

The website’s Blog features articles and talks from experts and communications professionals in the field of migration and integration. For example, David Hickey, Director General for Communications at Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC), writes about the strategy and lessons learned of IRCC’s Immigration Matters initiative. Kate Lyons, a reporter for the Guardian, writes about the motivation and challenges of reporting on the stories of individual asylum seekers for the Guardian’s New Arrivals series.

NETCOM brings together communication officers and political advisors working in OECD member governments, along with other stakeholders, to discuss communication objectives and challenges in migration and integration.


May 21, 2019