Cultural scientist and philosopher Thomas Macho, director of the International Research Center for Cultural Studies | University of Art and Design Linz in Vienna has analysed the correlation between migration and food. Pizza, Kebab and Curry – to eat dishes from other cultures is quite natural these days. When eating, people seem to show less fear of foreigners than people who prepare these meals, Macho explains. That’s food for thought!

In daily life many prejudices disappear, we read in the article about Macho’s findings. Tourism and food help us encounter the diversity of culture in a natural way. Migration often leads to new cuisine trends. After the 2nd WW for example Italian and Turkish restaurants came into fashion when migrant workers from Italy and Turkey fled to Austria. Today it is absolutely indispensable that a cosmopolitan city like Vienna offers all sorts of exotic cuisines – Persian, Indonesian, Chinese, or Arabic – and of course: Pizza and Kebab.

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November 19, 2018