At the same time when schools in Austria have to establish obligatory German classes, government and city funding for German classes provided by NGOs, private and municipal institutions is reducing. European funds are supporting the necessary language education, but as the number of new refugees arriving in Austria is decreasing, also funding sources seep away.

German language lessons for children until 15 years of age will be covered, but for adults – who obviously need longer than children to learn a new language – this new development is bitter.

So again, this will be a crucial cause for volunteers to jump in and offer their time, their energy and their knowledge to help asylum seekers, migrants and refugees who are already in Austria, trying to take root. Language skills are among the most important aspects for successful integration, especially when somebody needs specific vocabulary on the job like in gastronomy, sales, craft and technology or health and social issues.


Christiana Weidel, The World of NGOs

Photo credit: Fotolia, Bulat

August 16, 2018