The task of the research in our Home Away From Home project is to identify, analyse and document innovative community-based integration approaches initiated by youth or in which youth play a major role. This will enable us to contribute to the better integration of refugees, asylum seekers and migrants in Europe through promoting innovative youth actions and empowering young volunteers and professionals.

However, we are aware of the complexities and differences of contexts around Europe with regards to integration and we recognise the fact that none of these practices can be mirrored and duplicated in any other community and that the process has to start from the bottom up in order to be genuine and successful. Hence, we will record and analyse the processes that underpin successful integration approaches. The research will be inductive and bottom-up – based on the collected data, we will try to identify patterns of success. It will be designed not only around its contents, but also around its processes, with a view to building the capacity for developing strategies and activities related to integration work.

The project partners have already identified some examples from around Europe where entire communities have been engaged in welcoming and helping the newcomers to start their new lives; their stories indeed inspired us to propose this project. We would like to study and learn from these and other examples, promote them and inspire similar actions.

Therefore, we are looking for additional inspirational practice examples of initiatives and projects where youth is playing an essential role in integration – we are looking forward to your first-hand stories!