Our researchers, Terry Lamb, PhD, and Danila Mayer, PhD, wrote an article Ethnography of an EU Erasmus+ Program, published in a scientific journal Anthropology of the Middle East | Berghahn Journals.

Anthropologists look at the Middle East through different lenses. For example, they
consider it from a European perspective, looking at it ‘from’ Europe; they explore the
Middle East as it lives and is represented ‘in’ Europe; and they attempt to understand it as
it moves and is interpreted ‘across’ Europe. A particularly critical focus has also been
adopted, since recent refugee and migration movements from various regions of the
Middle East have contributed to a policy crisis in the EU, which has been responded to in
a wide range of ways, some overlapping and some contextually specific. How does the
European Union respond to and tackle these socio-political issues, and how can we, as
researchers, generate trustworthy and rich data from these different perspectives as they
intertwine with EU processes and structures, as well as Europe’s civil society,
organisations and actions? We want to present an example of research which, integrated
in an EU training programme for young people, is generating data from ethnographic

The whole article is available on: AMELambMayerhafh .


October 4, 2019