As a leader among immigrant associations and communities, you are cordially invited to share and apply to our 12-14 October 2018 Dublin European Democracy Camp as part of the Transatlantic Migrant Democracy Dialogue (TMDD): a network that trains and connects immigrant and refugee leaders in the US and Europe.

Immigrant populations on both sides of the Atlantic are critical voices in the debate on migration and in countering the fear-driven, nationalist and anti-immigrant groups that are becoming a worrying trend across the US and Europe.

While there are many great networks, platforms and coalitions on immigrant rights, we do not have a powerful transnational network of migrant and refugee leaders working together to influence public opinion, debates and policies.

TMDD aims to achieve this by supporting immigrant and refugee leaders in fostering new leadership, advocating for their own interests, building coalitions with allies, and developing strategies to engage with adversaries.


TMDD organised the 1st “Democracy Camp” in 2017 in Hamburg for 30 leaders. We now have another convening in Dublin, Ireland on the weekend from 12-14th October 2018 for up to 50 people. The costs of travel and accommodation are covered.

The training is in English and will be organised around five tracks on core skills and strategies: 1) Community organising, 2) Community navigators, 3) Alliance building, 4) Citizenship & electoral campaigns, and 5) Strategic communication.

The partnership involves Migration Policy Group, National Partnership for New Americans and the Heinrich Böll Foundation North America, in coordination with the German Federal Network of Migrant Organisations, the Greek Refugee Forum, Immigrant Council of Ireland, Migrants Organise UK, Moniheli ry (Finland).


The participants sought will be accomplished immigrant and refugee leaders in the EU that are interested and/or working in community organising.

The participants will be asked for a long-term commitment to not only bring the training back to their local partners, but also be prepared to mentor and cooperate as leaders to achieve justice and dignity for all.


To apply, please complete the application form by 20 August through the following link:





August 14, 2018