Hiking – day 4 in 3 words

Describe day 4 in 3 words; verb & feeling & topic (participans of the training “Working with refugees, migrants and asylum... Read more

Challenges – day 3 in 3 words

Describe day 3 in 3 words; verb & feeling & topic (participans of the training “Working with #refugees, #migrants and asylum... Read more

Integration needs all of us

How is integration supported in Austria outside of Vienna Let us look closer into projects, materials and opportunities how migrants, asylum seekers and refugees are integrated in local areas We... Read more

Has the perception of integration in schools changed?

Psychological health promotion and integration 48 psychologists are working for the Austrian Centre for Psychological Health Promotion in the School Sector (ÖZPGS) to raise awareness for problems... Read more

World Refugees Day brings a lot of information

Never before so many people have been fleeing their country like in 2017, a new UNHCR report informs Worldwide an impressive 68,5 Million are displaced persons 85 % of which found a new home in a... Read more


A course “on-site” supports regional and municipal processes of integration “Integration is what we make of it”, that is the motto of a new training programme in the province of Upper... Read more

There won’t be fences!

Citizens concerned about new EU-funds The latest press memo from the European Commission has a strong focus on the future EU funding for borders Migration is considered as a major challenge for... Read more

By the way – how many books do you have?

A hundred books to fight social inequality Last week we talked about the role of mothers for the successful integration of migrant children as pointed out in the recent OECD analysis Today,... Read more

Mothers matter a lot!

The integration of mothers is crucial for the chances of their kids A new study of the OECD (Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development), presented end of May 2018 in Vienna, provides... Read more

My first time in Berlin

Study visit in Berlin from 22-26 April 2018 It was my first time in Berlin and I was so excited about everything Berlin is so amazing and beautiful! Our host was Forum ZFD and they have... Read more


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