MEVIEL stands for “multilingually diverse”, trying to improve educational opportunities for teenagers and young migrants in Austria Thinking about bi- and multilingualism, undertaking scientific... Read more

Let’s go to Vorarberg

Samuel Adamyan put a wonderful idea into practice: he founded the voluntary sport’s project “We experience pleasure in sport and movement in an international girl’s group” and established it... Read more

Go, get it!

The Austrian Chamber of Commerce is supporting in cooperation with the Austrian Federal Ministry for Digital and Economic Affairs (young) entrepreneurs who want to expand their economic activities... Read more

Rollerblading in the Tyrol

The project Skaid is offering courses to learn rollerblading in the Austrian province of Tyrol Participants get new contacts and learn the German language in a playful manner Among the 30... Read more

Migrants care!

A consortium of well-known associations in Austria has created a new training course for migrants The training is not simply a language course It is a subject-specific education in the frame of the... Read more

Wonderful wintertime!

Winter is approaching rapidly in Austria – and a wonderful initiative comes into life again: "Let’s break the ice!" enables migrants and children coming from migrant families to learn classical... Read more

Not a burden – but a gain

An interesting paper aims to evaluate the economic and fiscal effects of inflows of asylum seekers into Western Europe It looks at a period of time from 1985 to 2015, showing that the increase in... Read more

Stand up, civil society!

The rising right-wing populisms has brought severe developments of threats, harassment and violence in Europe Differently-minded, foreigners and marginalised groups are under pressure There is a... Read more

Home in a new home

With Brexit on the way, a new kind of integration value is under question: Is there a European citizenship Many (especially young) people have mixed nationalities nowadays, they come to work in... Read more

Here to help

She is here to help, says Fatima from Syria in an interview with a German magazine 2015 fleeing from Damascus to Germany, she is now working in a practice specialised in diabetology The German... Read more


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