Migration is a human thing

The homo sapiens has always been a homo migrans, Massimo Livi Bacci says, a 1936 born professor for demography at the University of Florence and politician It is his plea against the high incidence... Read more

I am a migrant!

Inspiring and touching stories from migrants from all over the world – a global campaign from IOM International Organization for Migration has led to a platform for personal stories of migrants The... Read more

Social cohesion for better public health

Social cohesion of generations, gender and populations is crucial for the quality of life in our society Social cohesion should improve and strengthen the health of people; that is one of the main... Read more

A new narrative for being on the run

On the occasion of the Austrian EU-Presidency the Europe for Citizens Point Austria has published a brochure: “Remember, engage, take part!! 18 impressive projects illustrate the engagement of... Read more

Influencers everywhere

Under the lead of The World of NGOs’ director a group of engaged students at the University of Applied science in Vienna discussed the role of civil society in integration in the frame of their... Read more

2018 is seen as ‘extreme’ – what will be in 2019?

The UNHCR is talking about 68,5 million of people in 2018 trying to escape nature catastrophes, war, violence, hunger, and political persecution or torture – never before so many people have been... Read more

Understanding better the vulnerabilities of migrant workers

To mark the 2018 International Migrants Day, the Office of the Coordinator of OSCE Economic and Environmental Activities (OCEEA) was organizing on 18 December 2018 in Vienna a special event:... Read more


MEVIEL stands for “multilingually diverse”, trying to improve educational opportunities for teenagers and young migrants in Austria Thinking about bi- and multilingualism, undertaking scientific... Read more

Let’s go to Vorarberg

Samuel Adamyan put a wonderful idea into practice: he founded the voluntary sport’s project “We experience pleasure in sport and movement in an international girl’s group” and established it... Read more

Go, get it!

The Austrian Chamber of Commerce is supporting in cooperation with the Austrian Federal Ministry for Digital and Economic Affairs (young) entrepreneurs who want to expand their economic activities... Read more


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