Burgerplatform voor Steun aan Vluchtelingen / Civic platform for Support for Refugees, an organisation HAFH team visited during study visit in Belgium in November 2018, received a price called Sociaal-Cultureel Volwassenenwerk 2018 / Socio-Cultural Adult Work 2018.

The Flemish Department of Culture, Youth and Media awarded them on 5th of February 2019.

“The jury pronounces its recognition for the high ‘cut the crap’ attitude, in times where there is much talk, but little action, BXLREFUGEES does just the opposite. It offers a concrete action perspective and shows people that with courage and perseverance something can be done about human-unfriendly circumstances to which governments have no answers. BXLREFUGEES helps reduce thresholds to allow people to take individual responsibility and to provide concrete help instead of being purely against a particular policy. This positive alternative acts as an antidote to cynicism and powerlessness.”


February 14, 2019