THE WAGES OF FEAR – Report on attitudes towards refugees and migrants in Croatia

The report was published in the framework of the project “Empowering Communities in Europe” led by the British Council in cooperation with: Multi Kulti Collective (Bulgaria), Centre for Peace Studies (Croatia), People in Need (Czech Republic), Menedek Hungarian Association for Migrants (Hungary), Institute of Public Affairs (Poland), Romanian National Council for Refugees (Romania), Milan Simecka Foundation (Slovakia)

For the purpose of the analysis on European communities living with refugees in Croatia, research team has conducted 3 focus groups in local communities where Reception Centres for Asylum Seekers (2) are located or communities where some refugees granted international protection are permanently located (1). Croatia has been developing its asylum system since 2004 (when first Asylum Act was announced), and until today has had many challenges that needed to be faced. Research team has therefore conducted focus groups in two cities where Reception Centres for Asylum Seekers are located.

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September 5, 2018