GloBall – a toolkit for youth workers working with young migrants, refugees and asylum-seekers

The tool kit you are holding is the translation of a tool that was originally developed within and for Flemish youth work It exists as a website: wwwwereldspelersbe and targets youth workers who have... Read more

Ten case studies on migrant integration in EU cities by OECD and European Commission

Local authorities and other local stakeholders play a key role in integrating newcomers and empowering them to contribute to their new communities The OECD and the European Commission have therefore... Read more

Read real stories from the pen of our project participants

Kahane Foundation: Helping People to Create a Peaceful Living Environment

The Karl Kahane Foundation is inviting applications for its grant program to help people to create a dignified and peaceful living environment for themselves and their neighbors Deadline: 14... Read more

Long-term training course Youth Together

CALL FOR PARTICIPANTS, Introductory seminar, 25 November – 2 December 2018, European Youth Centre Strasbourg   Training course Youth Together - social inclusion of refugees through... Read more

Stunning Photos Depict Migrants ‘As They’d Rather Be Seen’

Many of the images we see of refugees, migrants and immigrants portray them as burdens on society or victims of oppression A new photo show, Another Way Home, offers a different... Read more


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